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Pressure infusion pump


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Microprocessor-controlled, double-piston reciprocating pump, Use of advanced intelligent control algorithm. The pump can reduce flow pulsation to the lowest level. Advanced sealing technology and pump head self-cleaning function, so that the pump can be normally at a higher pressure lasting work. Equipped with a pressure sensor, when the working pressure is above or below the limit, the pump will turn itself off. RS-232/485 interface, computer remote control. PEEK pump, stainless steel pump according to user request, when PEEK pump suitable PH for 0-14 eluent and tolerating organic solvent.

Pressure range: 0-42.0MPa (stainless steel);0-35MPa (PEEK)
Flow range: 0.001-9.999mL/min
Flow accuracy(Flow stability): RSD <0.1%
Flow setting error: <± 0.1%
Pressure sensor: Pressure display accuracy 0.1Mpa
Overpressure protection: When the working pressure is above or below the limit, the pump will turn itself off and alarm
Material of the pump head and the flow channel: Four kinds: PEEK, stainless steel, with ceramic lined with titanium steel liners; User optional

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