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PSC (cabinet) series of precipitation sampler


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PSC (cabinet) series of precipitation sampler

PSC- precipitation sampler technical indicators 
1)Comb sensor, high sensitivity, Anti-interference. Heating device to combat the interference of fog and dew; snow can melt and evaporate to dryness after precipitation, lid closed timely. 
Drop buckets open and dust buckets sealed automatically at precipitation. When the precipitation end, the drop buckets shut down and dust barrel open automatically .continuous automatic sampling. 
The mechanical system use of double-barrel and four-link structure, with reliable action; The sampling bucket sealed non-polluting and is convenient to sampling. 
The control system is stable and reliable, anti-interference, with correct action. 
Collect rainsnow and dust samples and the sample was kept within 1  to 5  according to user request. 
Able to adapt to the environment, can be used in -40  ~ 50  circumstance and stand nine wind. 
Inside the samplers, there is an intelligent process control functions and data memory system that can be connected to a microcomputer to display precipitation data and print. 
Dedicated microcomputer software that is simple to learn and operate. 
The internal microcomputer recording data amount unlimited. 
(10)Automatically record each precipitation records within one month(the start time and end time and the precipitation amount as a record). Read the ex-month rainfall record via a computer at any time and can generate reports to print summary

11) Inside the sampler there is a rain gauge. The sampler can also be equipped with a standard rain gauge. 
12) The cover time of the dust bucket at the end of precipitation is optionally set by users. 
13Sampler for remote wireless communication in 0 ~ 40km distance and acquire the precipitation records. 
The main technical indicators: 
1. Sampling height: 1.2m 
2. Sampling barrel diameter: 30cm 
3. Total power consumption: no precipitation 2W; precipitation state 100W 
4. working environment: temperature -40to 50; relative humidity of 100% 9 wind; 
5. Sensitivity:  0.05mm / h 
6. Materials and weight: stainless steel, polyethylene sampling barrel, 50Kg 
7.Internal data memory of the time: a few years (no refresh) 
8.System: IBM PC and compatibles CPU 166MHz or more, hard disk 500MH z 
9. Microcomputer operating systems: WINDOWS 95 and above 
10. Precipitation ends arbitrarily in 1-20 minutes. 
11. Power Supply: AC-DC power supply AC 220V 50Hz DC +12 V 
Note: Due to technical progress update, the performance indicators will improve, site indicators for reference only.


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