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On-board Atmospheric Aerosol On-line Detector (AOMZ-3000)


Product details

(AOMZ-3000) can be timely, fast and accurate analysis of atmospheric gases and particulate matter carried by the anions and ions and heavy metals in the harmful substances, and its material species, concentration and other data 24 hours Through the network uninterrupted transmission to the test center.
Rainproof sampling: with rain cap;
Sampling flow: 3L / min ~ 16.7L / min;
Cutting particle size: PM-2.5 (or PM-1.0 PM-10);
Detection of gas components: HNO3, HNO2, HCI, SO2, NH3;
The results show that the particulate matter is Cl-, NO2-, NO3-, SO42-, NH4 +, Na +, K +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Pd2 +, Cd2 +
Minimum detection limit: ≦ 0.009μg / m3;
Sampling time: 40min ~ 120min;
Use temperature: 14 ~ 35 ℃;
Replace the solution once a continuous working time: ≧ 12 days.



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