Company Overview


         Qingdao Puren Instrument Co., Ltd is a joint-stock, high-technology enterprise specializing in the research, production, sales and service of ion chromatography and related accessories. The company possesses the ISO-9001 certification, and also has a membership of Analytical Instrument Branch of China Instrument and Control Society.

         Since the company was established, Puren staffs persist in the pursuit of “Innovation, Quality, Integrity and Service”. All our products have independent intellectual property rights. The improvement of current products and the research of new products are continuously implemented to meet the needs of our customers. Moreover, even though our chief staffs have worked on the research of ion chromatograph over 25 years, with a wealth of practical experience and design capabilities, collaborations with universities and scientific research institutions still increase to make sure that our products could provide leading performance in a variety of fields.

        Now Puren series of ion chromatography (PIC) are wildly used in water testing, environmental protection, agriculture, quality inspection, disease control, chemical, petrochemical, universities and scientific research institutions, etc.

        Puren ion chromatography is a perfect combination of state-of –the-art detection technologies and user-friendly software systems. Not only does it provide high-standard performance (for example, integrated noise below 6 ?V, baseline noise less than 0.6% FS, setting time less than 10 minutes, detection limits better than 0.1 PPB), it also make customers operate conveniently and simply.

        A basic Puren IC system includes: a well-designed conductivity measuring cell combining with a dedicated thermostatic system (Patent No.: ZL 20080019630.3), a tailored suppressor, a trap column, and an IC high-pressure pump. The dual-system ion chromatography, firstly introduced to the market by us, could deliver the determination of anions and cations simultaneously, and achieves gradient elution. This dual-system IC has effectively overcome the mutual interference between two systems in one integrated structure.

       The Voltammetric cell Puren developed could detect various anions, cations and organic compounds, for example bromine, iodine, sulphur, cyanide, etc. (anions); lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, etc. (cations) In addition, Qingdao Puren is the first to invent the autosampler that is used in ion chromatography in China.

        With the efforts of Puren staff, the company has widely gained recognition and praise from experts and customers. We have obtained 2010 national science and technology innovation fund and 2011 Qingdao science and technology incubation special fund. Moreover, we are authenticated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a cooperative unit of National Food Enterprises Quality Inspection Demonstration Center, and are awarded the title “2012 The Most Competitive Top 100 Small and Medium –sized Enterprises”, the strategic partner of in the field of ion chromatography.

       As our slogan, Puren staff will continuously work on self-innovation, improve product quality, focus on customers’ demands and provide excellent customer service. We will dedicate ourselves to the glorious future of national ion chromatography industry, with suggestion and help from experts and customers.


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